Diyer experts provide considerable flexibility in implementing various investment strategies or building investment portfolios. Strategies range from very simple, such as diversifying an existing portfolio, to sophisticated hedging strategies. These strategies are outlined below:

Core Holding, Diversification, Cash Management, Core Holding, Asset Allocation, Completion Strategies, Portfolio Transitions, Hedging.

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    We practice a passive and active investment strategy. This has been used by institutional investors for many years, it is still relatively new for the typical individual investors . Because ETF-based funds use predominately passive strategies. The first question any investor should consider is whether to take an active or passive approach to investing.

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    The predominant investment strategy on the Diyer chest is active investing, which attempts to outperform the market. The goal of active management is to beat a particular benchmark. Analyzing market trends, the economy and the company-specific factor, Diyer analysts are constantly searching out information and gathering insights to help us make our investment decisions. We employ over 17 complex security selections and trading systems to implement our investment ideas, all with the ultimate goal of outperforming the market. There are almost as many methods of active management as there are active managers. These methods can include fundamental analysis, technical analysis, quantitative analysis and macroeconomic analysis.

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    At Diyer, we believe that because the markets are inefficient, anomalies and irregularities in the capital markets can be exploited by analysts with skill and insight. Prices react to information slowly enough to allow skillful Diyer analysts to systematically outperform the market.

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    With passive management, or indexing, our investment management approach is based on investing in exactly the same securities, and in the same proportions, as an index such Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500. We call it passive because Diyer managers don't always make decisions about which securities to buy and sell; we simply follow the same methodology of constructing a portfolio as the index uses. Our goal is to replicate the performance of an index as closely as possible. We invest in broad sectors of the market(, called asset classes or indexes, and are willing to accept the average returns various asset classes produce.

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