Latest 3D Work

I’ve been working on my old stunt driver project. It looks nearly the same, but the entire model has been revamped, assembled and compiled with 3D RAD and tested. Works fine…

The video has some new models and contains the entire game logic in one project file. The models are either my own or public domain. Need the project? The project was built with 3D RAD 7.22 using mostly stock modules, The project files and skinmeshs, rigidbodys can be used and modded with your own models. send a working eMail and I’ll send the project files as an attachment. I won’t keep your email or use it for any other purpose.

This time I built the entire model, roads, houses, fences, signs, in Ultimate Unwrap and then imported it into 3D RAD. That way I have tons of leftover entries in the game template, instead of adding all those extra models inside of 3D RAD.

Another terrain I am building.

Spiral turnabout that shoots through a concrete tunnel and then back out into the desert.

Inside the tunnel…

The opening dash

After the key is turned…

Truck dash I am working on…

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