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Earth’s Survivors: Plague

The Nation begins to rise from the ashes of the old world…The attack came fast when it came. Mike only remembered the details after the fact.Molly had the right side, Tim the left, Mike had taken a lead of fifty feet or so right up through the middle of the tall grass. It left him […]

Earth’s Survivors Home in the Valley

Small bands of survivors are joining together, making their way across the devastation of America…The morning turned to early afternoon before the four trucks pulled up out of the field together, followed the service roadway back onto route 3 and headed toward Clifton. Cammy studied a map as Bear drove.“It’s hard to believe this is […]

Earth’s Survivors Reviews 6

Kurtis P Neveau 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book August 20, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Unlike most apocalyptic stories this one is very deep. There is a lot of character development. When harm comes to any of them you feel the pain. So far loving the story!

Earth’s Survivors the Nation Kindle Edition

Earth’s Survivors the Nation Kindle Edition: Nobody, at least most people, didn’t believe the world was going anywhere. It was just another thing to occupy the head. Even the terminology, World Ending, was bullshit. The world did not end.  The survivors are on the road looking for a place to begin again…Mike awoke before dawn. He […]

Earth’s Survivors Rising from the Ashes

The end has come for most of the world’s population. Small groups of survivors are picking up the pieces… Learning to live again…When the sun began to peek over the top of the ridge on the opposite shore of the Black river, everyone filed out to the two remaining trucks. It had been decided that […]

Unused Diary Entries: Earth’s Survivors-8

It wasn’t hard to find it. It’s on an old abandoned road below the level of the square, but a good hundred feet or so above the level of the river. Some of the rock cliffs that towered above it had fallen. The factory itself seemed okay. It’s built from what looks like rock from […]

America the Dead Manhattan

When I think back on it now, I realize a noise had brought me back. Had to be, otherwise there was no reason for me to come back at all, just stay gone. Let the sun go down and the UN-dead take the night, me, Cammy, Madison and whatever else they wanted. But it didn’t […]

America War at Home 2

Sandy’s Diary – March 26th I should start calling this a diary not a journal. It’s funny, but we started these to leave at the cave but then we brought them with us to keep for the children. Now it’s becoming something more, although still for the children, so they can see who we were […]

Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse

ARIZONA The country had been turning more arid as they drove, the river was an oasis. Off to the north giant plumes of smoke blanketed the sky, seeming to spread across the entire length of the horizon. They had both wondered what it might be. Lana had checked the map and she though it could […]

Earth’s Survivors World Order

Last night we routed out three hundred of the dead… Burned them in a pit, lost 3 of our own, Conner. #Dystopian Apple: Amazon: Nook:

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