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Music Apps

I like to write lyrics and have done so for a very long time. There have been periods in my life where I was a serious musician and dedicated and then I shifted my attention to other things as time went by. Even so, I never lost my love for music, or for writing songs […]


Gaming on the cheap

So it is Sunday and I thought I would share yesterdays project. I used to do a lot of selling on eBay before all the changes killed off many of us who had been around for a while, or forced us into a position where we had to pay too much for the privilege of […]

VW model

Finished the Bug and started on a cage built vehicle with a rear mount V10… The next project I started is a cage based, rear engined (V19) … #3D Modeling #3D RAD #Direct X 3D GAME BUILDING BUG APOCALYPSE VEHICLE FINISHING THE CAGE TRUCK PROGRESS ON THE CAGE VEHICLE MORE WORK ON THE CAGE FOR […]

DAW Digital Audio Work Stations you can get for free

DAW Digital Audio Work Stations you can get for free Audacity For the uninitiated Audacity is a free, open source DAW that takes audio recording back to its basics. It has seen massive popularity. With Audacity you can create multi-track recordings and edit them with effects for removing noise, stretching time, correcting pitch etc. Take […]

How does the Roku TV work?

How does the Roku TV work? Jay Watson 07-25-17 Roku TV I saw a deal a few days back for a 32-inch HD TV from Walmart with built in Roku. TV, shipping and all came to barely over a hundred bucks and so it seemed like the next best thing to review. A mention: I […]