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Plex Server

I mention my Plex Server often, especially over on FB and Twitter where I have friends and family that use it. That is my base board, also my base board for my own machine, the one, in fact, I am typing on right now. That is a DELL T7400 Dual INTEL Xeon board. This board […]

OGRE Game engine

I downloaded an open source race game, Super Racing about a year ago and finally had time to look it over. It is a little buggie but inspiring. I liked the Ogre graphics engine, the fact that it uses MESH instead of Direct X as I am using now. (I found out today there is […]

Gaming on the cheap

So it is Sunday and I thought I would share yesterdays project. I used to do a lot of selling on eBay before all the changes killed off many of us who had been around for a while, or forced us into a position where we had to pay too much for the privilege of […]

KODI and Other Media software

I built a PLEX server about six months back. I went with PLEX as I wanted to install a small antenna and a TV card and be able to stream live video on the server as well as other media. I learned a lot over that six months. There are several blog entries covering the […]

Coffee and computers

Posted 11-01-2019 This past week I left all the work there still is to do on this house and kicked back and worked on video games. Sometimes I need a head break to just let stuff go. I had a blast. Learned a lot more about the system I use and made progress on a game […]

OFX Wasteland 3D model build

I finished up a wasteland model tonight, it took just under a week to build and UV it… I finished up a wasteland model tonight, it took just under a week to build and UV it… I built the model in OFX 2019: Open FX 2019. An open modeler with a built in animation suite. […]

Eight Core Tower build

Finishing up David Maxon‘s machine. I used another T5400 board. A very solid server board that can handle up to 12 cores. The last build also used a T5400 board in a p490 case. This one is a little bit different. T5400 build: A brief look at the parts.   This is a NVidia Quadro 4600 card. […]

This week from Geo Dell

This week from Geo Dell… So last week mom is heading to the store and asks if I need anything. Sure, I say, a toothbrush. So she gets the toothbrush and the next morning I get up and open it and it looks a little odd, thick handled, funny looking bristles, but it seems to […]

Dumber than a box of rocks…

Dumber than a box of rocks… Do you realize that at some time in the past someone made that saying up? … Dumber than a box of rocks… Hmm, well I think they may have been talking about me when they did. I have been taking things easy, but since I am probably one of […]