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The Guitar Works Series

The Guitar Works Series Posts:  Shop:   Guitar Works Published by Hootsuite · Yesterday at 9:01am ·  Guitar Works Two. Paperback. Learn custom guitar work with these guides. Guitar Works Volume Two: Custom Builds 1 (Volume 2) This manual will give you information that you can use to do your own custom repairs on guitars. As with any […]

The weight game…

The weight game… I have found that the best way to begin to put control back into the things you do is to just do it. I know that sounds like I am making a joke of it, making it sound easy to do, but I am not. What I am saying is that it […]

Earth’s Survivors Links Book Previews Posted by Jay

Earth’s Survivors Links Book Previews Posted by Jay 12:09:09 The links below are America, Australia and United Kingdom links for Earth’s Survivors. The links for the complete series as well as the box set are included. These are Amazon only, Jay… The Apocalypse has arrived. Follow the people that survive and set out to rebuild their lives. […]


SALESMEN… Salesmen… Mom got to the door before I did today and so a salesman was allowed into our living room. The only other salesmen I would have let in are my salesmen brothers. The rest I would have sent packing at the door. But this guy was very slick, or very dumb, I’m not […]