Category: 3D Game Building

Wastelands model 10

Did a work up of a van for the wastelands. Lo poly, 2 meg… UV on the body only… I’ve been working on dents, making them look good. Now when I get one that I like I save it in PNG format to the ETC folder in Photoscape and then I can paste it as […]


Working on this new model

I have been working on this model for the last week or so. I built it in pieces and then began to take it apart to get the look I wanted… I’ll be finishing this up in the next few days and adding back a download site for models and software within the next few […]

VW model

Finished the Bug and started on a cage built vehicle with a rear mount V10… The next project I started is a cage based, rear engined (V19) … #3D Modeling #3D RAD #Direct X 3D GAME BUILDING BUG APOCALYPSE VEHICLE FINISHING THE CAGE TRUCK PROGRESS ON THE CAGE VEHICLE MORE WORK ON THE CAGE FOR […]