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Apple Earth’s Survivors series and books

Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse Book 1 A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth hits and becomes the cap to a series of events that destroy the world as we know it. Police, governments: All gone. Hopes, dreams; buried in a struggle to survive. EARTH’S SURVIVORS Rising From The Ashes: I-Tunes From L.A. To […]


Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I could have said Hump Day, but I didn’t., so I should get an A for effort. Low seventies here in New York. That feels good after the dog days of late July and August. Even, so I know winter is coming, even my cat reminds me; he is growing in that thick […]

Earth’s Survivors books list

Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: War At Home 2 It was an hour past sunset when Mike took over one of the perimeter guard posts’ He had just settled in when the radio suddenly blared in all the silence… “Hello the camp,” EARTH’S SURVIVORS Watertown. A virus capable of raising the dead comes up […]


Copyright 2018, Wendell Sweet, all rights reserved Private Investigations Nine Fifty-Nine A.M. I lowered my wrist to my side, settled myself back into the shadows of the treeline and raised my binoculars to my eyes. I swept the back deck and rear entrance, shot across the fence to the next house in line: Nothing; and […]

Things I have written

I decided to write about what I have written. It might surprise you to know what I have written and published, and what I have written that remains unpublished at this time and may always remain unpublished… Zombie: I would love to start out by saying I am done with writing  the Zombie series of […]

A Good Plan

A Good Plan. I have a plan. I think I spent a good portion of my life without a plan. Just sort of walking along, not really expecting much at all, at least nothing good. I had a larger view of the world that said, “What happens, happens. It’s pretty much ordained, and so there […]

Earth’s Survivors on Smashwords

By Dell Sweet EARTH’S SURVIVORS: The Earth’s Survivors Series follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth completely, hits and becomes the cap to a series of events that destroy the world as we know it. Police, fire, politicians, military, governments: All gone. Hopes, dreams, tomorrows: All buried in […]

Rocket Copyright 2018 Dell Sweet Preview

Rocket Copyright 2018 Dell Sweet all rights reserved. Cover Art © Copyright 2018 Dell Sweet This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. […]

Top Dell Sweet books on iTunes

Dell Sweet View in iTunes Open iBooks to buy and download books Top Books 1. Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse View in iTunes 2. Earths Survivors The Zombie Killers: Origins View in iTunes 3. Earth’s Survivors Rising From The Ashes View in iTunes 4. Earth’s Survivors: Plague View in iTunes 5. Earth’s Survivors: Home In The Valley […]

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