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Best Selling Earth’s Survivors books

EARTH’S SURVIVORS #iTunes Home In The Valley: I-Tunes Building the first and most important settlement, eBook… Earth’s Survivors Se 4: The story of Candace and Mike Earth’s Survivors Collected Books The most popular group from the website writings were Candace and Mike. They are from the northern New York town of Watertown close to […]


Earth’s Survivors books list

Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: War At Home 2 It was an hour past sunset when Mike took over one of the perimeter guard posts’ He had just settled in when the radio suddenly blared in all the silence… “Hello the camp,” EARTH’S SURVIVORS Watertown. A virus capable of raising the dead comes up […]

Saturday Night in the summer time…

Posted By Dell Sweet The weekend is slipping away from me. I think someone stole a few days and tried to slip one over on me. Or I would, except it really is Saturday. I would like to mention the book Zero Zero. I wrote this book some time ago, as in years, and it is […]

Earth’s Survivors: World Order

Earth’s Survivors: World Order By  independAntwriters PublishingThe Nation is growing and needs protection from the dead… … “So… Bear and the Outrunners. This is probably the important thing before the public meeting. I like him. I think he’s level-headed. He sees what we need, and he’s willing to do it,” Mike said. “And what is it […]

Earth’s Survivors: Watertown

Earth’s Survivors: Watertown By  independAntwriters Publishing What starts out as a drug deal quickly spirals into the first steps in the fall of the old society… Follow along as we step back in time and tell the tale of the beginning of the end… … The man moved more fully into the shadows. “You Gabe?” he […]

Earth’s Survivors: Plague

Earth’s Survivors: Plague By  independAntwriters Publishing The Nation begins to rise from the ashes of the old world… The attack came fast when it came. Mike only remembered the details after the fact. Molly had the right side, Tim the left, Mike had taken a lead of fifty feet or so right up through the middle […]

Earth’s Survivors: Home in the Valley

Earth’s Survivors: Home in the Valley By  independAntwriters Publishing Small bands of survivors are joining together, making their way across the devastation of America… The morning turned to early afternoon before the four trucks pulled up out of the field together, followed the service roadway back onto route 3 and headed toward Clifton. Cammy studied a […]

Earth’s Survivors: The Nation

Earth’s Survivors: The Nation By  independAntwriters Publishing The survivors are on the road looking for a place to begin again… Mike awoke before dawn. He lay quietly, feeling the heat from Candace’s body where it pressed up against his, and thinking about what the future might be. The first thing he had thought was that whatever […]

Earth’s Survivors: Rising from the ashes

Earth’s Survivors: Rising from the ashes By  independAntwriters Publishing The end has come for most of the world’s population. Small groups of survivors are picking up the pieces… Learning to live again… When the sun began to peek over the top of the ridge on the opposite shore of the Black river, everyone filed out to […]

Earth’s Survivors: Apocalypse

Earth’s Survivors: Apocalypse By  independAntwriters Publishing Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth completely, hits and becomes the cap to a series of events that destroy the world as we know it. Police, fire, politicians, military, governments: All gone. Hopes, dreams, tomorrows: All buried in […]

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