Month: November 2017

The Guitar Works Big Book by Geo Dell (Author)

Guitar Works Volume Seven: The Scrap Wood Build by Geo Dell  (Author) The Scrap Wood build is exactly as it sounds. It is a slim bodied electric guitar built from scrap wood. I went further than that and carried the idea of conservation through the build by using all recycled parts with the exception of new pots […]


Borderline: Collected Short Stories by Dell Sweet

Borderline: Collected Short Stories by Dell Sweet Recommended reads Borderline: He had walked past the mouth of the alleyway twice already. There was someone in the car, just a suggestion of a someone, but someone nonetheless. Wasn’t there? Or was it his mind playing tricks on him?The motor purred softly on the old Ford as it sat […]

Earth’s Survivors Box Set Dell Sweet

Earth’s Survivors Box Set Dell Sweet View More by This Author This book can be downloaded and read in iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Description Earth’s Survivors box set contains the entire Earth’s Survivors series in one volume. Book One: Apocalypse. Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. A meteorite that […]


ANDROID X86 For those of you who like Android, there is now a stable X86 version IE: a version that will run on a PC or laptop. This has been an open source project for a few years now and I am glad to see that it is actually a workable solution now. I had […]